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Web Page Content Worksheet


You may find it to be a considerable amount of work to prepare your Company's materials for the Web pages we will construct for you. Think of us as your Company's graphic designers. You supply the raw materials and we assemble them onto graphically pleasing, easy-to-read Web pages.

In our Standard Web Site Packages we include everything the average small business needs for Web pages. But be sure to see the limits of what is included in our packages; we charge extra for services required beyond our standard packages.


  • You must provide a separate file for each Web page. Use this worksheet to indicate which file names correspond to which Web pages.
  • You may use any word processor or text editor to prepare your text. However, we would prefer that you supply the text in plain ASCII or Rich Text Format.
  • You will be well advised to supply a final version of your text. While we expect to make minor changes here and there after the Web pages are prepared, we charge extra to format and insert latter day versions or new text. Most word processors allow you to count the approximate number of words. Web pages which contain more than 1,200 words may be subject to additional charges, especially if they require extensive formatting or mark-up.
  • There is an additional charge for editorial services.


  • The quality of the appearance of your Web site has a lot to do with the photos or graphics you choose for your Web pages. Clip art can be used, but tends to make the pages look "amateurish". Photos are probably best.
  • You may send graphics to us in either digitized form or in hard copy form (which we will scan).
  • Prepare captions for each photo. You may affix a PostIt note to the photo giving its caption and to which Web page it applies. (Please do not write on the back of your photos or artwork.)
  • If you need us to prepare specialized graphic elements in addition to our custom site graphics package, please explain clearly, and perhaps include a sketch. We charge for such work on an hourly basis.
  • You may select stock photos for your pages from PhotoDisc, Corel, or Publisher's Depot, and give us the photograph number. We will purchase and download the appropriate photo, place it on the Web page indicated, and bill you for the photo cost. If you want us to find and select photos, we charge our hourly rate.
  • Our Standard Web Site Packages include an average of 1.3 photos or graphics per page. Beyond that we charge an additional fee for placing images.

Please include this Web Page Content Worksheet with the materials you send to The BottiVerde Group Inc. Feel free to use your own form if that is more convenient.

File Name
for Text
# of
Photos or Graphics
If none state "None"
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