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Fees and Specification Chart





Our fee schedule is quite simple. It is much fairer than most you will encounter in the industry, allowing you complete control over the final cost of your website. We practice a rational pricing methods, allowing you to know prices upfront and enabling you to stay in control.

Monthly Hosting

Monthly hosting services are a part of every website that we design. Your website needs a safe, secure place to live and we provide that. The monthly cost for hosting a Web site is $25.

Sample Pricing

As an exercise, let’s look a the estimated price for a sample website. Let’s say you want a website with 10 pages. You have the text and graphics ready. You want to add on small slideshow of products and need us to do some manipulation of graphics for the site. The website costs would tally thus:

$2500 ... Setup
$2000 ... 10 pages
$ 180 ... Site graphics development, 2 hours
$ 180 ... Slideshow, 2 hours
$4860 ... total estimated cost

This would be the approximate cost of building such as site. If you needed more custom work done, the price could be slightly higher. Hosting would add a monthly charge of $125 for us to give your site a place to live and take care of it.